Wedding dress is really the dream of 900 million girls

If there is anything in this world that is a dream shared by thousands of girls, then having a one-of-a-kind wedding dress must be my part. Below, I will take you to see those beautiful wedding dresses.

The History Of Wedding Dresses Is Only Two Hundred Years?

In our impression, in Western countries, the bride wears a white wedding dress and the groom wears a black dress. It seems that it has always been both mainstream and fashionable. But did you know that before the 19th century, white was rare in Western wedding dresses. Like modern wedding dresses, white is the basic color, and the skirt is supported by a skirt. The headdress is usually a veil or a corolla. In fact, the popularity of this style originated in the wedding of Queen Victoria in 1840. It is less than two hundred years from now.

It is different from now giving white a symbol of purity and holiness. Since ancient Rome, blue has been a symbol of purity, and because its dyes are valuable and symbolize status, it was a common color for wedding dresses until the 19th century. In fact, for a long time, people in the West did not have a special concept of wedding dresses. Especially in the Rococo period, the wedding dress was not much different from the usual dress.

Marie Antoinette is also commonly known as the “Queen of the Broken Head” and the “Queen of Deficit”. She loves and admires the Rococo style extremely, and the style of dress also strives to be luxurious and feminine, as strong, sweet and exquisite as possible, creating the most intoxicating era in French history. It may also be because the nobles’ usual clothes are already very luxurious and beautiful, so there is no obvious difference between the wedding dresses and the usual clothes at the wedding.

It wasn’t until 1840 that the sensational wedding of the century, the British Queen Victoria Wedding, did not stop the vagueness of the concept of wedding dresses.

The queen wore a flower crown and veil on her head, and wore an 18-foot-long white tail wedding dress made of beautiful Chinese brocade, which was studded with dazzling diamonds and precious lace, which amazed the audience. The pure white color from head to toe makes Victoria as beautiful as a holy fairy. The royal family’s influence on the entire country and even the entire Europe is very huge, and the white wedding dress has officially become the bride’s wedding dress standard.

In the following two hundred years, wedding dress styles have also been constantly changing.

Just entering the 20th century, with a high neckline and a large pleated front, with puff sleeves and long gloves, the brides will also put their long hair up and hold bouquets, which is very elegant and generous. In the 1940s, during the Second World War, there was a shortage of supplies and weddings were often carried out in a hurry. Shoulder pads and waistbands returned. The pinching design of wedding dresses gradually became the mainstream, so the wedding dresses of this period were elegant and decent. In 1947, when Elizabeth II was married, she chose a sweetheart neckline A-shaped court tail wedding dress with tail embroidery, and the veil was a shawl style combined with a crown.

In the 1980s, “freedom” and “individuality” became the key words of wedding dress design. With the material desire at that time, wedding dress design was also affected to varying degrees. The pursuit of individuality became the main theme of the 1980s. Disco style, hippies, fitness pants, harem pants… weird fashion elements also affect wedding dresses.

It can be seen that the wedding dress has also become an abbreviation of an era, and cultural characteristics and social background have been integrated into a skirt.

Wedding Dress Must Be Personalized!

After the 21st century, with the development of social productivity, people’s demand for wedding dresses has gradually increased, and style designs have become more abundant in order to cater to the needs of the public. According to the different production processes, the most common wedding dress styles can be divided into four categories: ALINE (A-shaped), MERMAID (fishtail), EMPIRE (queen), BALLGOWN (tufted skirt).

With the development of the times, wedding dresses are no longer synonymous with dreams, romance, and sweetness. In the new era, young people’s unique personality and other elements are increasingly integrated into wedding dresses. If you stay in the stereotype that wedding dresses can only be skirts and brides can only wear skirts, then you are really out. Let’s take a look at the ideas of modern designers!

Due to the rising awareness of feminism, women want to show more independent personality, and also hope to wear their favorite style of clothing on the wedding day. The trouser wedding dress provides a different choice for individual brides.

At the wedding of Queen Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles, she wore a trousers wedding dress. Wearing a white cloak with a low-cut white jumpsuit inside, it is very gender-specific.

There is also the minimalist style that has been popular with young people in recent years, with capable lines, simple satin, and some detailed designs, which make people feel the sense of high-level at a glance. Many celebrities and nobles also choose minimalist wedding dresses when they get married.

There is also a new style of wedding dress, which has broken into everyone’s field of vision in recent years, and that is the surreal wedding dress! Unlike other wedding dresses that give people a romantic and holy impression, surrealist wedding dresses seem to have a kind of magic. The person wearing the wedding dress seems to use a strange power to grab people’s eyeballs, like a stranger standing in a dress, graceful With a touch of weirdness.

Of course, there are many kinds of modern wedding dress styles, and designers are also exploring in a larger direction, and even launch future technology wedding dresses, not only the luminous dress designed by ZacPosen, but also the 3D printed petal dress and water drop perspective dress.

But whether it is traditional wedding dress styles or emerging wedding dress styles, with the changes of the times, he is also showing the femininity of the new era of independence and self-confidence.

Chinese Wedding Dresses That Stunning The World

Of course, not only do they have wedding dresses in the West, we also have amazing wedding dresses in China. And Chinese wedding dresses are much longer than their history. Western wedding dresses were formally formed in 1840, while Chinese wedding dresses officially appeared in the Zhou Dynasty.

But it’s not the same as we usually think that the wedding dresses are all red. In the Zhou Dynasty couples wore black wedding dresses when they got married. Moreover, even the entourage and the carriage need to wear black! The phoenix crown xiamen we are familiar with was only formally formed in the Qing Dynasty. Now many of our newcomers will also choose Chinese traditional wedding dresses. The traditional wedding dresses designed by Guo Pei and Xiong Ying are very much loved by celebrities!

Although the traditional wedding dress has not changed much in style, its color has evolved to now not only limited to red, white gold, lotus root pink, etc., which are greatly loved by young people. In particular, the embroidered “Dragon and Phoenix is auspicious” symbolizes a beautiful meaning, and is also the essence of Chinese wedding clothes!

As long as you have seen European and American film and television dramas and Shi Tai Yishu’s novels, you must be familiar with VeraWang’s wedding dress. She once said, “I dream of becoming an outstanding artist and making the wedding dress a work of art.” Her design has never been limited to one style. Various styles such as Gothic style, girlish style, retro court, etc. change under her hands.

Not only the big names, but some of our emerging brands in China are not inferior in making wedding dresses.

The local brand “Jesu” has integrated Chinese style into the wedding dress hk, combined with French embroidery, beading, hand-made flowers and other craftsmanship. Every design in recent years has been able to surprise everyone. In order to pay tribute to the national quintessence and inherit the national charm, it also put the national style dragon gown and Chinese large cap sleeves on the wedding dress, which fully reflects the cultural heritage of combining Chinese and Western culture.

As a matter of fact, many Chinese brands now attach great importance to cultural output, embedding the excellent Chinese traditional culture in clothing by embroidering. It is not only the inheritance of Chinese culture, but also shows foreigners the self-confidence of the national culture and the beauty of China.

On the international stage, the wedding dresses designed by Chinese designers have received rave reviews. Each gorgeous wedding dress is made by hand, tailor-made for the bride, and hand-made by many senior tailors. Each piece is unique. Orphan. And the thickness, thinness, lightness, hardness of the fabric, the presence or absence of pearl, and the three-dimensional sense of the fabric can fully demonstrate the different charms of the dress. From design to colorful production, every step perfectly reflects the craftsman spirit of excellence.

The shape of the wedding dress is constantly changed by different brands and different designers, but the original intention of making the wedding dress has never been changed. Throwing away the style and design of the wedding dress, whether it is a Chinese wedding dress or a western wedding dress, the most important thing is the yearning for love and the blessing to the new couple.