The Meaning Of Holding Flowers

In the West, a young man was accompanied by his brother, holding a sword in his right hand to save his beloved girl. He picked beautiful wild flowers along the way, tied these beautiful flowers into a beautiful bouquet, and gave it to the girl. The girl accepted the boy’s bouquet and plucked the most beautiful flower inside and put it on the boy’s chest. This is the origin of the bouquet and corsage. Each petal is a blessing from heaven to the bride. Today I will take everyone to find the meaning of holding flowers.

The famous British florist Jane Packer once said that choosing wedding floristry should pay special attention to the theme, personality, seasonality and details.


Most of the mainstream wedding designs now have themes. At least there is a choice of Chinese and Western styles, as well as a theme colour positioning. Therefore, the colour of the wedding flower bouquet should naturally correspond to it.


As long as the bouquets from Monet’s garden must follow this characteristic. Firstly, because of the arrogant character of the flower boss, he never makes repetitive works; secondly, we will never let our bride collide with others.


The editor mentioned to you that the flowers are seasonal. According to different seasons, a bouquet of flowers that meet the occasion is a very good choice.


It is said that the details win. We pay special attention to every detail of the bouquet, from flower materials to leaf materials to ribbon decoration. Each collocation is carefully selected. You can definitely feel this.

The meaning of the bouquet is not as a decoration, thrown or given to whom at the wedding, its meaning lies in itself-at the moment when thrown away, the god of happiness appears.

Happiness blooms, there is love in the heart, and the flowers are not wrong. Cherish each other and never lose each other-this is a kind of thought, a kind of belief, missed and waited for a lifetime, this is also the meaning of holding flowers.