Love Coffee But Don’t Understand Coffee

What do we want when we are drinking coffee? Probably the answer for most people is: caffeine. As the material basis of “life extension”, the acquisition of caffeine is the premise for “Little Green Cup” and “Little Blue Cup” to shuttle between office buildings.

However, the unique and captivating flavors of coffee, and the ritual of making it, are often more captivating. More than 1,000 kinds of aromatic substances have been detected in coffee, and humans have invented dozens of extraction and preparation methods in order to extract the aroma from this roasted black and hard fruit.

All this makes the world of coffee, colorful and wonderful.

If you are gradually showing more interest in coffee and want to learn more about coffee, this article will introduce a series of apps to help you get started in the wonderful world of coffee.


Start By Understanding The Starbucks Menu


Italian coffee is often the first choice for everyone to taste freshly ground coffee. Thanks to Starbucks’ efforts to promote it for decades, espresso has become the mainstream coffee type.

However, even Starbucks regulars may not be able to clearly point out how much difference a “caffe latte” and a “flat white” are, or what exactly a “caramel macchiato” is made of.

As it happens, The Great Coffee App, developed by Baglan Dosmagambetov from Kazakhstan, can help you learn about almost any type of coffee. In particular, there are many types of Italian coffee, which are described in detail in “Super Coffee”.

The interface of “Needless Coffee” is very simple and beautiful, and the interaction is full of thought. Between swiping up and down, you can easily get the text introduction, interface diagram and extraction video detailed explanation of each coffee. Swipe left or right to switch between different types of coffee. Of course, you can also swipe to the top to quickly select the one you are interested in from the 19 recorded genres.

The various types of coffee in the video explanation section are all made by professional baristas. Not only are the steps clear, but the production process is pleasing to the eye. Although these videos have a certain “teaching” function, it is difficult for “noobies” who lack the basics of coffee to really learn how to make their demonstrations through these simple explanations. The more realistic meaning is to help quickly establish the concept of this type of coffee and achieve the purpose of “getting started”.

In addition to espresso, “Super Coffee” also introduces 10 other types of coffee equipment, and their brewing methods.


Now You Can Learn About The Region


After you have a clearer understanding of espresso, you may want to know more about pour-over coffee. Different from the coffee maker hong kong that uses steam to pressurize the extraction, hand-brewing is done by directly injecting hot water into the coffee powder, which is the best way to express the flavor of a coffee beans. Compared with Italian style, hand-brewing often has stricter standards and clearer orientations for the selection of coffee beans.

Coffee is essentially a fruit, in the same way that “orange is orange when born in Huainan, and orange when born in Huaibei”. The flavor of coffee depends to a large extent on the place of origin. Through “Fun Point Coffee”, you can get a general understanding of the mainstream coffee producing areas in the world and the varieties of coffee beans they produce. So that you can quickly choose the beans that suit your taste when you go to a cafe to buy or try hand brewing in the future.

In addition to hand-made single products, “Fun Point Coffee” also introduces the production plan of some classic Italian coffee. Although there is no video teaching, the text description of “Fun Dian Coffee” is more detailed, and there are more quantitative data for users to learn and refer to.

Taking the extraction of Espresso as an example, the guidance of “Fun Point Coffee” here is closer to the definition of Espresso in the traditional sense:

Extract 25±2.5 ml single-serve espresso in 20-30 seconds at 8-10 atmospheres pressure, 7g of ground coffee, 86-90°C water temperature


When You Start Trying To Punch By Yourself


Armed with some theoretical knowledge, understanding the types of coffee beans, and various types of brewing utensils, you may be eager to start your own brewing coffee journey.

However, hand brewing is a skill that requires continuous improvement. For beginners, looking at the various flavor descriptions on the coffee packaging, the actual brewing often only has sour and bitter tastes. At this time, “Coffee Timer” can help you.

“Coffee Timer” comes from the hands of Japanese developer Keiichi Ota. It can preset the brewing methods of various appliances, and provide the necessary timing functions for hand brewing during the actual brewing process.

In the default interface, “Coffee Timer” not only includes almost all types of filter cups on the market, but also provides complete customization of grinding degree, amount of water powder, temperature and brewing sequence.

“Coffee Timer” supports the recording of coffee beans information. From origin to estate to processing method, users can easily build a profile for the coffee beans at hand. The coffee beans information will be linked with the above preset brewing methods to form a brewing note.

In the form of notes, record the taste and evaluation, and write down the corresponding remarks in time. You can record the improvement measures for this bean, and of course you can also write down the sunshine and good mood that afternoon.


How To Drink Coffee In A Healthy And Reasonable Way


Having tasted a wide variety of Italian styles, and tried hand-brewing with distinct flavors, I can’t help but worry about whether I have consumed too much caffeine? Use “HiCoffee” to record your daily caffeine intake.

“HiCoffee” has a very comprehensive collection of coffee categories.
Subscribing to premium features enables automated recording of coffee data from common brands such as Starbucks, Luckin, and Tims. In addition to coffee, “HiCoffee” also covers some beverages containing caffeine, such as about 9mg of caffeine per 100 ml of cola. If the built-in drinks still don’t cover your needs, you can also create custom drinks.

The way of recording is also very convenient. In addition to opening the app click record, you can also add desktop widgets, edit shortcuts, or use Apple Watch to record easily, which is not easy to miss.

Caffeine intake directly affects our sleep levels. The “Caffeine Metabolism Parameters” function of “HiCoffee” will calculate the approximate metabolic rate of caffeine according to each person’s physiological characteristics. Then, the app dynamically displays the current caffeine level in the body based on the coffee drinking record. If sleep is about to be affected, a reminder will be given.

Recording caffeine intake can not only help improve sleep quality, but also provide healthy and reasonable guidelines for the time period and amount of coffee you drink each day. According to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the Dietary Guidelines for American Residents, the daily intake of caffeine should not exceed 400mg for normal adults and 200mg for pregnant women. HiCoffee provides weekly and monthly analysis to give you a more comprehensive and in-depth understanding of your caffeine intake.

In addition, the premium version also supports two-way synchronization with the “iOS Health” feature to help you better integrate health information.


Enjoy The Goodness Of Coffee


From the 1920s and 1930s, Lu Xun, Bing Xin and other writers gathered in the earliest cafes in Shanghai to talk and discuss the current situation; to this morning, you and your colleagues next to you and your colleagues placed an order to “extend your life”. Drink it up and continue working. In the past 100 years in China, coffee has gradually faded away from the upper class, elite and cultural imprint of the Republic of China, weakening the impression that Starbucks was a niche, petty bourgeoisie, and bourgeois when Starbucks entered China in 2000. An everyday drink that never leaves your hand.

At present, the third wave of coffee and the wave of mobile Internet are sweeping the world at the same time, and we are in the best era of coffee. With these apps, I believe that every lover who wants to know about coffee can quickly get started and gain more knowledge and skills.

The joy of coffee is so pure. No matter where you are, reading quietly in a corner of a cafe, facing a heavy workload in a cubicle, or passing a bustling crowd on your commute, as long as you have a cup of coffee in your hand, At that moment, you can feel the stimulation of the taste buds by the temperature and aroma, and you can enjoy the beauty brought by coffee without hesitation.

As the writer Adenberg said in his poem: If you are in a moody mood, no matter what the reason is, go to a coffee shop!