Both Applauded And Popular Brand Hotel Apartments Have Their Own Characteristics

With the development of the times, the accumulation of wealth and the evolution of circles, furnished apartments for rent have gradually become an indispensable product in the real estate market. The emergence of high-end apartments, to a certain extent, represents the development and prosperity of the urban economy, and also represents a lifestyle of the high-net-worth groups at the top of the pyramid.

From One Hyde Park in London to One57 in Manhattan, New York, to Cullinan Hong Kong, Park Hyatt Beijing, Bulgari Apartments in Shanghai, Chengdu Yintai Center… As the high-net-worth community continues to expand, high-end apartments The boundaries of the market continue to widen, and products continue to iteratively upgrade.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, what kind of products can stand out and attract customers at the top of the pyramid?


2 Core Elements Of High-End Apartments


Location, location, location

Suzhou Jinao Nuo Geya Community is located in Suzhou Bay, Taihu New Town, Wujiang.

With the construction and development of Suzhou Taihu New Town, Suzhou Bay is bound to become a new name card and synonym for the southern urban area of Suzhou. The area has attracted many industries and corporate headquarters to settle in, with a large office population, and future rental demand will increase.

Approximately 50m to the Sand Ship Super Outlet.

It takes about 800m to reach the golden lakeshore of Suzhou Bay, the Grand Theatre, and the Taihu Music Fountain. About 2 kilometers to Line 4 Suzhou Bay East Station, Xincheng Wuyue Plaza, Vientiane Hui, Aegean Shopping Park. About 800 meters to the entrance of Suzhou Bay Tunnel, about 8 kilometers to the entrance of Shanghai-Changzhou Expressway.

External Resources That Can Bring High Premiums

In addition to the location, if the project has strong landscape resources (parks, waterfront landscapes, etc.), strong commercial atmosphere (urban core business district), strong cultural atmosphere, and invincible vision, it will enhance the competitiveness and attractiveness of the project, and enhance the project The premium ability.

Downstairs in the Jinao Nuo Ge Ya community is a large commercial water club and brand Nuo Ge Ya Hotel. Opposite it is the Sand Ship Outlet, where shopping, leisure, dining and entertainment are all available.

The Jinao Nuo Ge Ya community is supporting Jin Ao Nuo Ge Ya Hotel (Suzhou Wujiang Branch). Nuo Ge Ya is a new hotel brand under the French Accor, which is internationalized and focuses on building an urban elite community.

Jinao Nuo Geya community is built in strict accordance with the standards of Jinao Nuo Geya Hotel, enjoying the hotel’s multi-functional shared community space including western restaurants, mobile game communities, gyms, and art platforms.


How can the product enhance its competitiveness?


Among the above two elements, the location element is the most important element of the project, and high-quality external resources can be met but not sought. In terms of product development, high-end apartments should also strive for excellence.


Hotel Brand Blessing

Brand value: Jin Ao Nuo Ge Ya community is a branded hotel-style apartment, built in strict accordance with the standards of Nuo Ge Ya Hotel, with Nuo Ge Ya hotel service system as the supporting support of the project.

Quality Assurance: Jinao Nuo Geya Community strictly selects the decoration, and the interior design (including soft decoration and hard decoration) are all made by well-known designers.

Premium protection: All properties next to brand hotels have a high premium and a better sense of acquisition. In the future, the price can reach twice that of ordinary apartments, such as Raffles Shenzhen, which is also a hotel brand apartment under the Accor Group.


Live, Rent, Operate

Self-occupancy: Jinao Nuo Geya Community can become your other residence in Suzhou Bay. Each person has a suite called decent. The number of suites for a person is a symbol of status. You can live by yourself or for your relatives and friends.

Leaseable: Suzhou Bay is the new name card of the southern urban area of Suzhou. There are many top 500 companies and headquarters companies. In the future, as the population grows steadily every year, the office population will be very large, especially for our small area, low total price, and high price. The demand for high-quality products will be even stronger.

Operational: Jinao Nuo Geya community can do homestay rental, hotel operation, daily rental, long-term rental, and hosting. You can join Airbnb, Tujia and other homestay and hotel platforms, so you can be a landlord without worry.


Fine Makeup Quality Existing Home

Exquisite makeup for existing homes: Delivery of exquisite makeup for existing homes saves the waiting for off-plan properties and the laborious effort of house decoration.

Large transformation space: The frame structure house design has more transformation space.
Strong security and privacy: All security forces are concentrated in this building, soundproofed and decorated, and you can enjoy your personal space when you enter the house.

The emergence of high-end apartments has led to more lifestyle changes. It is a carrier of residential life and a social space for mutual exchanges. First, it should occupy unique resources, or core urban areas, with convenient transportation and complete supporting facilities; second, it should have a truly “work-level” architectural image, artistic interior design and fine decoration, and complete facilities and equipment; People need to have a high-level service system. Safe, convenient, and comfortable software services are sufficient conditions. In addition to meeting people’s basic living and working needs, they can also become a status symbol.